FAWE Schools centers of excellence

Keeping the core goals of FAWE Rwanda in mind, FAWE and the ministry of Education made the logical step to found FAWE girls’ School. It was conceived as a demonstration project to show the academic potential of girls if they’re given equal opportunities and an enabling environment. The schools are also conceived as a centrre of excellence that offers holistic education and adopts an integrated approach in adressing the issues in girls’ education. As a centre of excellence the school aims at graduating girls who are high academic and social achievers.

Turning FAWE Schools into a centre of excellence

  • Creating a proper, appropriate and enabling environment for learning
  • The erection of physical facilities
  • Provinsion of instructional materials
  • Creating a desirable context for learning
  • Creating an adequate and motivating context for learning (eg. Gender-responsive pedagogy and relevant curriculum)

Completion of the school

Most of the goals have been achieved. There is more that remains to be done however, mostly in terms of infrastructure. What is needed:

  • a multipurpose hall
  • a resource centre for gender and women studies
  • integrated skills development
  • administration block for the school
  • sports field
  • teachers’ and staff housing
  • computer laboratories
  • girls’ hostel
  • agricultural demonstration unit

Things that are being done to accomplish the goal:

  • ensure a holistic education for the girls
  • provide safety and security for girls
  • improve the students’ knowledge (with extra attention for mathematics, science and technology)
  • create an information resource base on gender-issues and facilities for research and consultation
  • offer integrated skills training for girls and women who are not in the formal education sector
  • provide links between FAWE Girls’ School, FAWE Rwanda and the surrounding communities
  • generate income to sustain programmas and activities at the school

Currently there are 2 FAWE Girls’ Schools: on in Gahini and in Gisozi.

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