Beautiful World Canada Foundation

The Beautiful World Canada Foundation (BWCF) works together with FAWE to support 12 girls so they can achieve a diploma in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET). 3 of the girls are pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, 9 are studying at a Integrated Polytechnics Regional Center.

The foundation covers the girls’ tuition fee and they receive support with accommodation, food, health/medicine insurance, transportation, clothes, personal products, books and internet fees.

But financial aid isn’t enough, so the girls also receive support through mentoring. 3 mentors will support the 12 girls. Preferably, the mentor works in the same sector as the girls are studying in. They help the girls, keep in touch with them and report about them. This in combination with the staff’s monitoring (at least 2 visits) and the obigligated submittal of the academic trancripts by the girls ensures a succesful track.

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