About FAWE

FAWE is the Forum for African Woman Educationalists. It is a non-governmental organisation that empowers girls and women through gender-responsive education. Founded in 1992, today FAWE is active in 33 African countries. FAWE brings people interested in promoting female education together. More information about FAWE.

FAWE Rwanda Chapter, was founded in 1997. Since then, it has broadened its scope of assistance in education throughout the country. FAWE Rwanda is currently active in all the provinces and has enabled educational opportunities for many girls.

Our vision is to reduce gender disparities in education. More girls should have acces to schooling, be able to complete their studies and perform well at all levels.

Our mission is to work, together with partners, to create positive societal attitudes, policies and practices that promote equity for girls in terms of access, retention, performance and education quality, through influencing the transformation of education systems.

Our goal is to increase access and retention as well as improve the quality for all the girls within the school system and for women in universities.

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